St. Louis Press Club, SPJ president support our call for Parson to apologize

Press Club: Governor’s threats endanger freedom of the press

Freedom of the press and reliable reporting are now, more than ever, critically important. If Missouri is truly the Show-Me State that cares about honest, in-depth reporting, show the Post-Dispatch the respect it deserves for presenting the facts to uphold the integrity of the state’s educational infrastructure and to protect our educators who are essential to our children’s future.”

SPJ President Rebecca Aguilar: St. Lous SPJ condemns governor’s actions against reporter

“I stand with the St. Louis SPJ Pro chapter condemning Missouri GovernorMike Parson who intends to prosecute a reporter at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The reporter was doing his job when he exposed a potentially disastrous security flaw in the state’s web infrastructure.”

Post-Dispatch columnist Kevin McDermott: Governor’s take shows who’s the real enemy of the people

Only Parson knows why he decided to misrepresent this episode to the public. But it’s worth noting that a PAC that supports him was using those misrepresentations in a fundraising appeal last week.”

(More from the Missouri Independent on the PAC fundraising on the basis of Parson’s claims: Parson doubles down on push to prosecute reporter)